Cheezain etc.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Organic Traffic for an E-commerce Startup

Company Overview

Cheezain etc. is a one-stop online store for trending and fashionable home accessories. The brand offers products that make living spaces and workspaces comfortable. It curates well-designed, personal spaces that cater to different aesthetics and increase productivity. Cheezain etc. is recognized as one of seven companies to win PKR 1.5 million in the Standard Chartered Women in Tech (WiT) 2021 local community project.

Business Challenges 

When Cheezain etc. launched operations in 2018, the young company found itself competing against several brands offering home decor products and accessories. With scores of either expensive or low quality ‘me too’ options in the market, Cheezain etc. had to make a name for itself and communicate its differentiators. 

Traditionally, the majority of women in Pakistan prefer to shop for home decor items in person. As an E-commerce venture, Cheezain etc. had to validate quality, design, and fair pricing. Also, like most E-commerce ventures, the company faced difficulties because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The management wanted to boost their online presence, given the competitiveness of online shopping. Their primary goal was to get up to speed, improve organic traffic, sales, and bring overall growth. Here’s a breakdown of what they hoped to achieve:

When Softception accepted the project, we had to come up with a strategy from the ground up and show numbers that Cheezain etc. could crunch.

Why Softception?

The company’s co-founders were interested in working with a partner capable of executing a meticulously constructed plan. They wanted clear budgeting, optimal resource allocation, and creatives to guide their project. As a full-funnel agency, Softception devised a game plan that covered everything from SEO, content production, social media, and data analytics to reporting. In our discovery workshop, we visualized the process of targeting the most qualified audience and converting leads into customers. We highlighted tools, technologies, and custom workflows to support the project, and Cheezain etc. accepted our proposal.

Our Approach

At Softception, we traveled through the Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion stages in a full-funnel strategy for Cheezain etc. In the first step, we educated the brand’s target audience, familiarized them with available products, and encouraged action through landing page form completion and online sales. Our methods included creating product and category pages, online display advertising, social advertising, paid search, email marketing, and retargeting (search, site, click, video retargeting). To summarize, we implemented the following:

  • Provided SEO solutions including site crawling for errors
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata optimizations
  • A/B testing

At each phase, we measured reach, impressions, clicks to the website from ads, click-through rate, cost per conversion, total conversions, and ROI. Our team linked KPIs between the funnel’s channels to real results like leads and conversions, allowing us to create messages that prompted the desired responses from customers. Also, we leveraged media mix modeling to assess how our activities contributed to Cheezain etc.’s sales and ROI. We employed analytics software and conducted brand sentiment analysis and competitor audits to determine the most impactful campaigns. 


The Softception team offered a complete and precise picture of how our approach was driving growth for the company. From total brand awareness and visitor traffic, our KPIs reflected incremental value like traffic coming from A/B testing and extra revenue driven by campaigns. We were also able to nurture leads that showed a genuine interest in making purchases.

Our team delivered content including videos, blog posts, social media, and infographics that the target audience interacted with. We ran Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to complement the sales process for Cheezain etc. and the results were tangible. With our efforts, Cheezain etc. became a profitable initiative that has extended its product portfolio to fulfill the growing demands of its niche.

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