Implementing a Growth Hacking Framework for a USA-Based Computer Systems Manufacturer

Company Overview

ClearCube Technology specializes in providing thin clients, zero clients, and software solutions for virtual desktop projects across startups, mid-sized companies, enterprises, and government agencies. Since its inception in 1997, ClearCube has raised $83.7m in funding over 4 rounds, and it generates approximately $5.0-25m in revenue annually.

Business Challenges

The company did not have an end-to-end strategy to accelerate business growth. Better-performing competitors were offering similar products, and ClearCube had to establish its authority and improve its online ranking within its niche. In addition to its website getting less traffic, lead conversion rates were low. 

In a discussion with the key stakeholders, we discovered that ClearCube needed to work on the following:

  • Improve website tracking and analytics
  • Create, implement, and enhance inbound lead generation
  • Streamline and optimize the top of the funnel of its existing online marketing approach

They were looking for experts with experience in data analytics, reporting, managing all phases of the growth hacking pipeline, and working with limited budgets. The leadership assigned a timeline of less than 1 year to achieve these objectives and see improvements. To add to the challenge, ClearCube did not have dedicated, in-house resources to assist them.

Why Softception?

ClearCube considered different options before coming across our website and learned that as a full-funnel agency, we provided the services they were interested in. They submitted a quote request and we responded within 1 business day. They selected us based on our remote-ready team, technical expertise, support for custom workflows, and affordability. After a requirements analysis session, they entered into a retainer agreement with us.

Our Approach

Our first step was to perform a technical audit to review ClearCube’s search visibility and determine why they were not generating the traffic, and hence the sales. We identified crawl errors, broken links, bad links, and that their website was not fully optimized.

Next, we wanted to ensure that ClearCube could grow without spending more than what their finance department had budgeted for. This involved using data to monitor analytics along their journey down the funnel, understanding what contributed to the current results, and how they could improve conversions at each stage. For this, we combined different techniques to deliver results.


Technical Marketing

This strategy consisted of SEO, content production, email marketing, and social media. It started with developing an SEO campaign through keyword research where we maintained a balance between the right primary and secondary keywords. Based on our findings, we optimized ClearCube’s link structure to build a solid foundation for SEO. We worked on on-page optimization that ranked and simplified the process of using title tags to find the website. 

Our writers created informative, interactive onsite and offsite content that ClearCube’s target audience wanted to engage with. We focused on blogs, product/category pages, press releases, case studies, whitepapers, and solution sheets. By including interactive content elements such as subscription forms and action buttons, we reduced bounce rates and improved search engine results. Furthermore, using paid search ads and landing pages allowed ClearCube to begin ranking consistently for each targeted keyword over time. 

We also used social media messaging and email marketing to generate awareness about the company’s new products, services, events, and promotions.

Data Lake

Our team adopted a data-driven approach to collect raw data that offered maximum insights into ClearCube’s market situation. Our team tracked the following information:

  • The source of website visits
  • The pages visitors browse through on their website
  • The source from where they signed up for a free demo

We used CRM software that consolidated our data lake to build customer profiles with their contacts, demographics, and details, giving us easy access to them for upcoming campaigns. Our team obtained reports on new users, user totals, sessions, and daily averages that enabled us to make the most of our strategy.


ClearCube’s website achieved 0 broken internal and external links and multiple healthy links. Initially, the primary keywords that we targeted ranked on the fourth and fifth pages of Google’s results. After partnering with us, the company went from these low rankings to the first page on Google. 200% of their traffic arrived from organic sources, and we continued to track these metrics so they could convert to sales.  

As for ClearCube’s secondary targeted keywords, they have continuously remained on Google’s first SERP. No competitors came close to these results for over a year.


Improved Organic traffic by 200%
Paid Lead Cost Decreased by 40%
70% Increase in B2B Leads via Content Marketing
Ranked Potential Keywords in Top 5 Positions of Google’s 1st Page

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