Como Museum

Developed Company Website from Scratch to Achieve Optimal Functionality & Conversions

Company Overview

Como museum is a private contemporary art museum with a world-class collection of present and emerging art that engages audiences in innovative ways. Being a contemporary art museum, Como has global significance distinguished by its collection, exhibitions, and educational programs. By thoughtfully connecting people with creativity and ideas, founder Tareen promotes critical dialogue and extends an invitation to all, whether they experience art for the first time or have been avid followers for decades.

Business Challenges

The company lacked any online presence and did not have a modern website. Moreover, Como was also falling behind its competitors due to lack of digital conversions. The goal was to increase the number of visits online and make the museum accessible to a global community. Some of the highlighted pinpoints for the company are listed below: 

  • The company’s social media presence was non-existent. 
  • There was no digital strategy in place to spread the company’s mission and values to the public.
  • Brand awareness was close to none as a huge community of artists and people interested in art were unaware of the museum’s existence. 

Why Softception?

Softsception carefully studied the needs of the company and suggested an effective website development solution that resonates with Como’s business model and strategic initiatives. Our agency was chosen due to its comprehensive website development services and seamless integration capabilities. Furthermore, the wide range of technology support and professional development services that Softception provides made it an ideal choice for Como Museum’s online personalization requirements.

Our Approach

To start with, the company was looking for a website solution that would be interactive, clutter free, and integrate a simple user interface. Our team at Softception developed their website according to the defined requirements and project scope. We conducted an in-depth website audit focused on custom user flows.

Additionally, we customized the website on various levels including Como’s image galleries, and a catalog to help the brand share knowledge about their collections. In particular, the analytics team at Softception personalized the website to amplify Como’s conversion rate.


Ever since we established a fully optimized and functional website for Como Museum, we continue to drive organic traffic, engagement, and conversions. The development, analytics, and marketing teams at Softception continue to provide insights to market opportunities that can improve website performance over time. 

Here is a brief rundown on the results we achieved:

  • We developed a WordPress-based website for the company as it offers various features with unlimited access. For this purpose, potential future updates, including expansions, features, and content will be easier to integrate within the website.
  • With an engaging and brighter layout, the site has a stronger sense of the museum’s narrative dedicated to sharing across the community.
  • News updates and upcoming events are prominent on the landing page, allowing visitors to view activities and the latest news and stories without having to go through the entire website. 
  • The ease of access provided through this website also increased retention rates and helped drive users.

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