Faraz Manan

Migrating Company Website to Magento & Enabling Merchant Accounts to Skyrocket Their B2B Conversions

Company Overview

Faraz Manan is an industry-leading premium clothing brand and as a fashion veteran, the brand’s forte lies in delicate embellishments, clever detailing of thread work, applique and cutwork techniques. When it comes to eastern luxury genre and signature aesthetics, Faraz Manan has outnumbered its competition with its luxury, pret, and bridal couture. This Designer brand currently has more than 100 employees around the world and revenue of over $10 million across 2 business units.

Business Challenges 

Faraz Manan partnered with Softception to remodel and manage their website to showcase their brand on a higher level. The objective was to completely optimize the previous website where the user experience was not engaging, intuitive, and simple. The key pitfalls stated by the stakeholders were:

  • Slow to load
  • Hard to navigate
  • Difficult to update
  • Fails to engage the customer
  • Lacks in mobile engagement
  • Did not have a proper image gallery

The development team at Softception collaborated with the relevant stakeholders to pinpoint and alleviate these pain points. Moreover, the development team deployed a rethought information framework interpreted into functional wireframes, and liaised with a partner design agency to bring it all to life.

Why Softception?

Before partnering with Softception, the company conducted thorough market research in pursuit of a viable website management solution that did not interfere with their existing marketing campaigns, content, SEO, website responsiveness and other operations. The brand opted for Softception based on their high-end website development and personalization services that support any technology.

Our Approach

To start, we conducted an in-depth website audit focused on user flows. The website review revolved around collecting feedback and insights for UX, design, marketing strategy planning, ongoing task check-ins, and task approval. With metrics and major findings, we pinpointed all the conflicted areas of the website that needed improvements.

The top priority for the company was to better showcase and promote its products across the market. As a result, our marketing team worked closely with key stakeholders to formulate a success-proven marketing strategy to meet the new branding guidelines. We then provided designs to stakeholders for approval and continued forward as we worked through designs and began deploying the existing website to Magento. We migrated the existing content to fit the new layout, enabled Google Merchant accounts, and aligned brand content with Google’s core vitals and latest speed requirements.

Furthermore, our team of Magento developers improved the loading speed of the website and helped in optimizing the mobile version of the site which helped the brand dominate in Google paid search results.


The website updates that we made showcased the brand according to the project scope which was a true testament to the collaborative efforts of our branding team. The information architecture and usability of the new website led to increase in overall engagement as each section of the website was created specifically for Faraz Manan’s target audience. 

Additionally, our marketing team meticulously enabled Google Merchant accounts to boost the client’s conversion rate, provided insights into user engagement on the site and more accurate data for future decision-making. 

A year into the new website, we consistently see increases in organic traffic, engagement, and conversions. Our development, analytics, and marketing teams continue to consult and provide insights to the company on opportunities that hope to continually improve performance over time. 

Feel free to ask us anything

Reach out at sales@softception.com

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