Gloria Jeans Pakistan

Creating a Modern Website for a Coffee Brand to Show its Product Range and Increase Revenue

Company Overview

Gloria Jeans is a renowned brand with a chain of more than 1000 outlets across 40+ global locations. Pakistan alone has approximately 40 stores in at least 12 cities, and there are plans for further expansion. The company generates up to USD 5-25m in revenue per year.

Business Challenges

As the first international brand that introduced a sophisticated, Western coffee culture in Pakistan, Gloria Jeans needed to establish its presence among the masses that preferred local beverages.

To comply with international standards, franchise owners invested in imported beans, hired and trained specialist staff to design signature blends, and guarantee flavor quality. These were expensive efforts that could only reap ROI if Gloria Jeans Pakistan revamped its website to compete with upcoming brands, and attract customers by showcasing its coffees. They were struggling with site speed and a lack of diversity throughout all the website pages. Also, there was insufficient depth in their interior pages.

To summarize, Gloria Jeans Pakistan encountered the following pain points:

  • Outdated and poor visual design
  • Lack of quality images and videos
  • Slow upload speed

Why Softception?

Gloria Jeans searched for competitive website development services and interviewed several agencies before learning about Softception. They presented a standard website with a straightforward UI and asked that we suggest a better interface to capture visitors’ interest. We built a business case in which we proposed a functional, responsive, easy-to-navigate website with the latest UX/UI elements. 

Our advantage included budget-friendly pricing tiers, remote-ready resources, and years of technical experience drawn upon previous works for similar clients in the creative space. We customized a quote for dedicated full-stack development and design services that the management approved.

Client’s Need

GJ needed a website that reiterated its position as the pioneering coffee brand in the Pakistani market, marking the start of our partnership. As per their management, the previous website was not only dated and cluttered but also lacked the factor seen in modern, minimalistic food/beverage sites. 

As an extra challenge, the company was getting leads from multiple sources – site forms, email, phone, etc. Having diverse points of contact meant extra time planning and organizing messages and getting in touch with leads. This compromised valuable hours and increased overheads. 

Our Approach

Our backend and frontend developers, along with designers, focused on every aspect from research, idea conceptualization to deployment and maintenance. The project kickstarted with internal and external stakeholders participating in a discovery workshop where we discussed the project scope, technology stack, delivery timeline, and overall cost. 

Next, our UX/UI team provided consultation by developing user personas, mapping the customer journey, and prototyping a future-ready result. This involved interactive wireframing and mockups that accurately narrowed down the vision GJ Pakistan had for its website. Before implementation, we showed a static, high-fidelity version of the layout and addressed questions or concerns their team had. 


GJ Pakistan received an elegant website with an intuitive UI, slick images, videos of their history and story, and a carefully laid out menu. We made arrangements for the WordPress CMS to be flexible and simple for our team to update as required.

Our team at Softception made sure that the new, premium design integrated contact forms and targeted CTAs that successfully directed visitors in the funnel to the right channels. With everything on a single platform, GJ no longer had to manage disparate information coming from emails, phone calls, and complicated site forms.

We implemented custom software development best practices to deliver text, components, icons, GJ’s brand colors, and core UX/UI elements. While this fulfilled GJ’s purpose, it also ensured that we would be able to maintain the company’s visual identity across web, mobile, desktop platforms, and future updates.

Here is an overview of what we achieved for Gloria Jeans in a full-scale approach: 

  • Identified the features that slowed down the site and introduced an interactive approach to show imagery and videos.
  • The SEO team discovered competitive target keywords to improve GJ Pakistan’s overall ranking on Google and placed them on the map.

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