Increased Conversions by 49% with an explosive Google Ads Strategy for HPP

Company Overview

Half Price Packaging started operations in 2017. In less than 5 years, it became the most popular firm in the packaging industry. Half Price Packaging offer high-quality printing and packaging solutions. It excels at authentic designs and modern printing along with a wide range of products and services, including Retail Packaging, Custom Boxes, Labels, Banners and Signages, and Apparel Printing. HPP is no ordinary company and are part of a Big Network that houses other notable Subsidiaries, including CBD Box Factory, SVG (Silicon Valley Graphics & Signs) Print, Softception, and Silicon Networks.

Business Challenges

A huge part of HPP’s sales is online conversions. For many months, HPP was experiencing a dip in conversions and a rise in CPA. When this happens, a new and improved Google Ads strategy is needed to get back in the game. Google Ads employs an auction-based bidding model which needs to be revisited regularly to ensure conversions are on track and going up. HPP needed to fix this problem because decreasing conversions was directly hitting their bottom line.

Why Softception?

Softception has a wealth of experience and success rate when it comes to Google Ads and bidding strategies. Being a full-fledged digital marketing agency, Softception has the resources to tackle Google Ads completely from ad creatives, selecting the right keywords, to the bidding itself, and devising the whole strategy from the ground up.


Softception did a complete analysis of the current Google Ads strategy used by HPP. There were a number of red flags. The previous agency was spending a chunk of the budget on under-performing keywords and they created the negative keyword list. This partially resulted in campaign scores being low.

Without wasting time, our team dived right into the problem and came up with solutions. Here is a complete step by step rundown of solutions we implemented.

  • First, we optimized the search keywords by including the non-converting terms that are negative. 
  • Second, we moved the campaigns to Smart bidding to improve their position. In order to improve the CTR, we introduced dynamic ads and it was a bulls-eye. 
  • Third, we optimized conversion tracking to improve business intelligence.
  • Fourth, we tweaked all Ad Copies and revamped the ones that were underperforming and had low-quality scores. We ended up with the results we were aiming for.


The new strategy worked well. Soon we were to see a whopping 49% increase in conversions and an 18% decrease in CPA. We were able to achieve these by keeping the spending level the same in all phases. We improved the campaign scores drastically. Naturally, HPP’s bottom line got back on track. 

Feel free to ask us anything

Reach out at sales@softception.com

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