Increasing B2B Leads for a HIPAA-Compliant Messaging App With SEO and PPC

Company Overview is a HIPAA compliant communication platform designed to address real-time patient health and staff risk reporting with deep learning, AI algorithms. The company caters to value-based care models that provide services to mitigate patient risks and meet crucial employee retention needs. Headquartered in Chicago, US, is a fast-growing healthcare solution provider with annual revenue of around USD 5 million.

Business Challenges

As a startup, needed to gain traction in the healthcare sector. With a promising market potential and the COVID-19 pandemic, was in a good position to increase user engagement and conversions. The co-founders wished to capitalize on digital transformation and promote value-based care, improved patient results, as well as cost containment.

Apart from having a list of established competitors to analyze, was going through the following:

  • Lack of social proof
  • Low business growth
  • Low sales and revenue

The co-founders managed high-value activities and were looking for remote-ready, growth hacking specialists to generate more leads. They preferred to partner with a team that could work anywhere, anytime, and target customers worldwide especially in the US.

Why Softception?

We help the healthcare industry drive sales and connect with a wider audience using data-driven growth hacking techniques. What makes us unique is our ability to move beyond traditional marketing with next-generation tools and technologies that grow healthcare businesses online. We also have a complete team of performance marketers, SEO, PPC experts, data analysts, copywriters, designers, and developers. At Softception, tailor our campaigns to unique business models, guaranteeing the best outcomes at every touchpoint. With the latest SEO techniques, paid marketing strategies, and social media marketing, we ensure long-term success.

Our Approach

After evaluating’s goals, we created the following roadmap:

  • Define’s audience in Google Ads with the right keyword targeting
  • Develop an SEO campaign with an industry overview and competitor audit
  • Expand the company’s low funnel audience with brand search and remarketing programs on LinkedIn and Google.

To start with, our primary focus was implementing inbound marketing techniques. This consisted of identifying user personas, developing targeted content, using automation software to gather contacts, sending personalized emails to leads, and nurturing them. We carried out a complete SEO process consisting of market research, website audit, keyword analysis, content creation, on-page optimization, link building, campaign management, and reporting. By publishing blog posts, white papers, case studies, FAQs, infographics, success videos, and testimonials, we provided the necessary information and increased awareness.

Next, we enabled’s website to perform with conversion rate optimization solutions that increased organic traffic, page views, lead flows, and conversions. Our team placed on the first page of Google’s SERPs via easily searchable ads and facilitated growth with high-volume keywords. Throughout this process, we increased revenue through relevant ads and allocated the given budget only for clicks received on ads. Additionally, we ran Google Display ads to compel recent website visitors to return and convert. 


Our team at Softception curated a personalized strategy with SEO best practices and paid search marketing that enhanced’s business performance. We worked closely with their team to improve website traffic, engagement, leads while decreasing the cost per lead. Our lead generation campaign consisted of LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and a complete SEO strategy.

Also, we monitored conversions that quantified the efficacy of our ad campaigns, including downloads and email newsletter signups they triggered. By optimizing’s website for top search engines, we strengthened backlinks, domain authority, and organic aspects to improve ranking. Overall, we achieved combined marketing and analytics to maximize conversions and decrease CPC and CPL.

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