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With much deliberation in perspective, it is recommended for multiple-clients-based digital agencies to simply focus on growing more with diverse range, rather than sticking to pre-existing ones. The digital era of advertising started in Pakistan in late 2000’s, where big software houses wanted to introduce a digital wing. Developing websites, making Facebook ads and Google ads, and what not. But this was only the beginning. The recent years have seen a huge growth of the industry matching the pace of the world.

With Influencers taking toll, with google policies changing, and with MNCs and FMCGs recognizing the need to evolve, digital marketing agencies became prevalent. At present, most agencies cater to local clientele, with Pakistan’s freelance market playing their part as well. However the scenario may be, there have been excessive research on how the digital marketing agencies should function and charge their clients. Due to the saturation in the industry, it becomes more troublesome for these agencies to work in peace. They are constantly fighting for their place as freelancers keep brushing away agencies that are new.

As for the big names, they are constantly working with MNCs who are actively looking to shift their budget from conventional advertising to digital marketing and reap its results in real time. However tiresome this task may be, it is an effort that must be recognized now that finding the right Influencers, keeping up with the ever changing policies, and media buying are just things that one needs to tackle. Digital marketing agencies just needs to focus on the right strategies and tools to work for, because it has become more important now.

With AI playing its role, who is to say what we’re going to have in digital marketing in the years ahead, but one thing is for sure, that creative aspect can never be replaced and would require human interaction. There are a lot of people that believe the advertising scope to become non-existent with time, but that is not going to be the case. Advertising is going to be there in different forms and shapes. Digital marketing may have its hare, but conventional marketing still needs to be carried out as it helps keep up with latest trends.

There have been a rise in the knowledge base of digital marketeers as well, owing to the range of diversity. There are more Influencers, more endorsements, and still, SEO specialists find it difficult to rank their websites and market their brands. It is a growing field that need attention more than ever. In UK alone, by 2020, it is expected that there will be 2 million jobs more for digital marketers.

Try to acquire as knowledge if you’re a marketer and that too digital. This way one can earn more, stay updated and yet help their clients grow.

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