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The Top Trends of Digital Marketing in 2019: Part 1


1.Content Personalization

Personalized content is King in 2019. Although it is tricky to generate the right personalized content for a given audience at the right time.

What is Personalized Content?

Content Personalization refers to a digital marketing strategy that revolves around creating user based relevant content based on specific user data accumulated through various digital techniques and tools. Through personalized content creation, the digital marketeer aims to communicate with the customer on a personal level which will ultimately drive up online conversions and help build a long-term relationship with the consumer or viewer. It is all about delivering the right content to the right audience. A study from 2016 showed that that over 80% of Marketeers say that “Personalised” content is more effective at engagement and creating loyalty among consumers as opposed to rolling out “Generic” content.

“If you want to cut through the fat and emerge as a brand your buyers want to engage with, your marketing has to seamlessly resonate with your buyer’s goals, interests, and preferences.” – Michael Brenner

Ways to Create Effective Personalized Content

Personalization revolves around delivering the right content to the correct set of audience or consumers. Here are some ways to generate the “Right” personalized content.

1.Data Creation Approach

Have a Data Driven approach towards Content Creation.

2.Track the right Metrics of Consumer

Be sure to track the right metrics of the consumers such as their demographics, psychographics, socio-economic level, and behavioral patterns of purchase and incorporate these metrics when developing the best customer insights

3.Focus on Emotion over logic

It is essential for developing a proper personalized content campaign focused predominantly on emotion over logic as it boosts user engagement and makes your brand personable.

2.Browser Push Notification

Web Push Notifications were first developed by Chrome in 2015.

How does it work?

Its works by allowing the use of 2 APIs that work in coordination with each other to “Push” notifications to their users after the respective page has been closed and the internet session has ended. This allows website to send notification to their audience or prospective readers in a similar way to apps.

How does it affect Digital Marketing in 2019?

It is a highly popular among the web publishers and is a must trend that continues in 2019. The benefits of using the browser Push Notification is immense

1.Effective Brand Communication

First and foremost, it makes communication with the audience more effective.

2.Increases Brand Memorability

The reminders help increase desirability and likeability of the product offerings of that particular brand by improving memorability therefore is an essential digital marketing tool in 2019.

3.Drives Up Customer Retention

It leads to higher customer retention through consistent reminders and helps develop a credible positive perception of the brand or the website in the mind of the viewers.

3.The Advent of Artificial Intelligence

Which Digital Trend is popular now and is only going to get bigger in the coming years?
Artificial Intelligence.

But what is Artificial intelligence and why is it so important for Digital marketing and Brands Alike?
Artificial Intelligence are machines working together to mimic the human intelligence processes of the brain. These constitute of basic learning, cognition and automatic correction.

There are two main techniques or subsets of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning
It is sub-category of AI through which enables computers and similar machines to learn from sets of grouped data and make apt forecasts accordingly.

Deep Learning
On the other hand “Deep Learning” is highly advanced form of Artificial intelligence that imitates the functioning of the human brain in processing uncategorized or unrefined data to formulate the best strategies.

Examples of AI
Amazon Go Store
Amazon using image recognition to recognize what shoppers buy in the Cashier-less Amazon Go Store.

Rankbrain By Google
RankBrain is a part of Google’s fundamental algorithm which utilizes AI or machine learning to uncover the “True Intent” of a search in order to deduce the most relevant response to Search Engine Queries.

Artificial Intelligence is a Sure-Fire winner in the coming years. With the advent of personalized content and the use of digital tools to scrap User data from the digital Web, artificial intelligence will aid the digital marketing strategies of Today and Tomorrow.

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